The PC catches cold...

22nd October 2010
I guess we're getting to the time of year when we're more likely to catch a cold, it might only be October - but the colours are starting to seriously get into the trees, the mornings are fresher and nippier - and that horrible moment in the year when the Clocks Go Back is almost upon us. Certainly being out and about in the pre-dawn makes it more likely to get home with numb feet and fingers - but I've never been convinced that simply being cold leads on to catching a cold. However, I've had a viral experience recently that puts catching a chill into perspective.

I've been without a computer for most of this month after an enterprising, if somewhat misguided, individual somewhere 'out there' decided to bomb my PC with a seriously unpleasant computer virus. It was called 'Ransom.P' for reasons that we'll never understand, it was delivered via a website that was referenced from a Jessop's photographic email and it had the effect of making the PC unusable for about 3 weeks. Now I'm fairly handy with setting up and sorting out PC's of most descriptions, but with this beastie running rampant around the machine I found that my anti virus software couldn't cope and started to delete all the programs that had become infected, including all the Office, email and photographic programs that I'd paid good money for. It was the equivalent of dealing with an ant infestation in your kitchen with a 12 bore shotgun...

At that point I gave up trying, and handed over to a PC professional - who did the job by starting everything all over again effectively. I was chastened, humbled - and £55 poorer...

Three things need to be pointed out as a result of this experience. Firstly - I need to apologise for not adding news to this site in October - which I do now. Secondly - EVERYBODY needs to BACK UP ALL their data on a very regular basis in case the same misguided individual, or his mates, come calling on you, and thirdly - make sure your AV is up to date and you know how to use it as the consequences can be expensive. I guess I was lucky, everything is backed up, and I now have PC that works much faster than ever it used to.

At least I was still able to get out and take pictures - even if I couldn't process them...



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