The latest additions to the picture Galleries on this site were made in early November 2010 with a number of the images that I took in both the New Forest and on the Isle of Wight being added to the JURASSIC COAST Gallery.

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(Contains 43 photos)
<font color=yellow>Suffolk</font> portfolio East Anglia has to be one of the flattest bits of countryside anywhere in Europe, with the possible exception of the whole of Holland. Skyscapes, coastlines and heathland are something of a speciality however...
(Contains 23 photos)
<font color=yellow>Norfolk</font> portfolio Flatter than a very flat thing, Norfolk offers some wonderful countryside, skies and coastal areas for discerning landscape photographers...
(Contains 21 photos)
<font color=yellow>The New Forest</font> portfolio The New Forest and the east Dorset coast is a rich playground for photographers. From the Solent to Poole harbour the coastline is varied and interesting, and the Forest itself is an historic mix of heath, woodland and ponds.
(Contains 16 photos)
<font color=yellow>The Jurassic Coast</font> portfolio From Poole harbour in the east to the (nearly) isle of Portland in the west, the Dorset coast is never less than impressive - and in certain locations is just jaw droppingly beautiful.
(Contains 11 photos)
<font color=yellow>Scotland</font> portfolio A Scottish New Year has everything - from big weather to thigh deep snow. Theres never a dull moment...
(Contains 15 photos)
<font color=yellow>Holland</font> portfolio From its windmills and canals to its swarms of rattling old bicycles, Holland has a style and atmosphere all its own. The people are friendly, the beer is good and theres always a certain scent on the beeze to remind you where you are.
(Contains 12 photos)
<font color=yellow>Spanish Parts</font> portfolio Covering Spanish territory from the fascinating volanic landscapes of the Canary Islands to the hills and towns of Andalucia on Spains south coast, this gallery offers an alternative to the tourist traps and timeshare salesmen...
(Contains 3 photos)
<font color=yellow>Florida</font> portfolio Early morning on the sands of Naples is a wonderful place to be, but late evening when a storm is rolling in off the Gulf is very impressive...
(Contains 4 photos)
<font color=yellow>Umbria - Italy</font> portfolio Italy in May is a riot of colour. The hills are carpetted in lush greenery as a base coat - and the colours of the wild flowers add yellows, reds and blues as far as the eye can see.